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Think of our team as the Monica to your Rachel. The motivational, supportive team that comes in and helps you get where you want to be, but also here to give you the hard feedback you need to hear about what is and isn’t working. We’ll call out when an idea might not be the right fit for you based on your goals. 

 I’m here to help you create a business that creates financial freedom for you and your family while still being able to unplug without things going up in flames. I am here for the people who are ready to work smart, not harder, and stay in their zone of genius. 

I am here for the CEO who is ready to put in the work and set up a sustainable business no matter what happens in life. 

The missing piece that makes your dreams come to life

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having my own company.  

I was obsessed with fashion and went into the fashion industry managing product development because I wanted to learn how to create and market my own business. I worked in the fast-paced fashion industry alongside designers, buyers & CEOs as we developed new products for their consumers.

I traveled overseas to set up and train teams so the business could grow and scale more efficiently. But that all came with a price tag of 12 hour days and eventually led to burnout.

I wanted flexibility within my job, I wanted it to work for me when I had a family. So, when I started my family, I was on a mission to create my own business that allowed me to do what I love, while still bringing in a reliable income.

I’m Jennifer, CEO, and your future COO & business strategist.

Nice to meet you! 

I’m the secret weapon behind passion-driven and visionary CEOs on the path to 7-figures (or multiple 7-figures) by strategizing through systems, operations, marketing + launching. 

I was a serial entrepreneur dabbling in different things until two local businesses learned my background and wanted to leverage my expertise to help them grow and scale their businesses. They wanted me to do the things they didn’t know how to do, but knew they needed. 

My spark was lit back up and I knew what I was being called to do—to bring my marketing, team management, and business management together to the online space where entrepreneurs were struggling to find the right support and guidance.

My management business soon became booked out just within 3 months from referrals and since has stayed at a booked out capacity. 
But in 2020, things changed. We all faced the pandemic where our businesses were faced with a big 'will they survive?' question. On top of that, I was also faced with the question of, 'can my business financially support my family AND run without always needing me?'

During the pandemic, I was faced with learning how to be a CEO, manage a team, multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses, homeschool 2 kids, and care for a husband who unexpectedly had major health complications all while things were shut down and we had no family around. 

At times I was single parenting, managing business calls in between classwork, and had kids constantly running in the background. And other times I was over 1.5 hours away and working from the hospital in between multiple doctor visits while caring for my husband. 

It was then I realized truly how powerful systems were when my business managed to scale and nearly double from the year before thanks to the structures and systems I had in place. 

After working as a business manager, I saw how much clients relied on my experience and knowledge and started seeing me as their right-hand gal. Guiding them through how to be the most efficient, set up operations, and really start to learn how to do things without facing burnout themselves. 

In a space where everyone is ‘go, go, go’ and looking to do the next big thing, people are now realizing how important it is to create a sustainable model that has income coming in consistently from different revenue streams. 

I am here to make businesses 'life-proof’ and work with ease—let’s drop the hustle and make it fun.


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