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You’re more than ready to step into the CEO position of your company and stop managing all the day-to-day operations—especially after you’ve poured thousands of hours of hustle into your business. 

You’ve reached the point where you feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to get done OR overwhelmed by all your ideas and how to actually execute on everything to make it happen—and happen flawlessly.

You have dozens of systems and softwares set up in your business, but you know you’re probably missing key features that could combine them all and cut down your bottom line on top of making your life easier.

What you need is a strategic partner to come in, learn the ins-and-outs of your business and help you get sh*t done.

That’s where I come in. I’m here to bounce ideas off of, hold you accountable, and guide you on what needs to be done based on the gaps in your business.

We also look at your launches, your marketing strategies, your systems, and more. 

I can come in for as much or little support as you need through one strategic VIP day or stepping in as your COO. 

You know you could do this all on your own (and probably have), but you’re finally ready for it to be easier and get support from an expert so you can have bigger launches and easier day-in, day-out operations that keep your business growing.

Because let’s be honest—booked out, overworked, and exhausted is no way to run a business.

Let me help you get back to your zone of genius, I’ll handle the rest.

Your business needs you to be the CEO, not the VA scrambling to do it all yourself.

Get back to your zone of genius and let us handle the rest

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I’m here to guide you on what will work best for you based on your business goals. I’m not a one-size-fits-all COO & launch strategist because one size fits all fits no one. Instead, I create custom strategies based on your goals for long-term growth and success for everything we do. 

My goal is to get you centered so you’ll be less stressed, more relaxed, and feel like you can truly step away from your business without it imploding. 

You’ll walk away with clarity on what you’re doing, clear steps on what you need to take, and a timeline that doesn’t overwhelm you so you can actually take action. 

your virtual COO & business strategist!

I'm Jennifer

High-level custom support for businesses who are ready to scale their businesses effortlessly &
hit that next income level.


Full Launch Support

Game Changer Business Intensive

Operations + Management 

Ready to get back to doing what you love? 

Here’s how we can work together:

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Start doing more of what you love and finally have the dream balance between life and business.

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Get the support you have been craving to help organize, strategize and run your business with ease.

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